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Article in Academic Journal

Wicher, MagdalenaORCID: and Frankus, ElisabethORCID: (2023) Research governance for change: funding project-based measures in the field of responsible research and innovation (RRI) and their potential for organisational learning. The Learning Organization. DOI: 10.1108/TLO-10-2021-0119

Braun, RobertORCID:; Loeber, Anne; Vinther Christensen, Malene; Cohen, Joshua; Frankus, ElisabethORCID:; Griessler, ErichORCID:; Hönigmayer, HelmutORCID: and Starkbaum, JohannesORCID: (2022) Social labs as temporary intermediary learning organizations to help implement complex normative policies. The case of Responsible Research and Innovation in European science governance. The Learning Organization. DOI: 10.1108/TLO-09-2021-0118

Tabarés, Raúl; Loeber, Anne; Nieminen, Mika; Bernstein, Michael J.; Griessler, ErichORCID:; Blok, Vincent; Cohen, Joshua; Hönigmayer, HelmutORCID:; Wunderle, Ulrike and Frankus, ElisabethORCID: (2022) Challenges in the implementation of responsible research and innovation across Horizon 2020. Journal of Responsible Innovation, pp. 1-24. DOI: 10.1080/23299460.2022.2101211

Heimerl, Katharina; Schuchter, Patrick; Egger, Barbara; Lang, AlexanderORCID:; Frankus, ElisabethORCID:; Prieth, Sonja; Kaelin, Lukas; Dinges, Stefan; Wegleitner, Klaus and Reitinger, Elisabeth (2022) Dying is never beautiful, but there are beautiful moments: qualitative interviews with those affected on the subject of ‘good dying’. Mortality, pp. 1-19. DOI: 10.1080/13576275.2022.2034773

Lang, AlexanderORCID:; Frankus, ElisabethORCID: and Heimerl, Katharina (2022) The perspective of professional caregivers working in generalist palliative care on 'good dying': An integrative review. Social Science & Medicine, 293, art. 114647. DOI: 10.1016/j.socscimed.2021.114647

Frankus, ElisabethORCID: (2022) Mit Avataren streiten. Forschungsprojekt zu Entwicklung eines VR-Trainings für Soziale Kompetenz. OCG Journal, 47 (02), pp. 32-33.

Braun, RobertORCID:; Ravn, Tine and Frankus, ElisabethORCID: (2020) What constitutes expertise in research ethics and integrity? Research Ethics, pp. 1-16. DOI: 10.1177/1747016119898402


Neundlinger, Klaus; Frankus, ElisabethORCID:; Häufler, Ines; Layer-Wagner, Thomas; Kriglstein, Simone and Schrank, Beate (2023) »Virtual Skills Lab« – Transdisziplinäres Forschen zur Vermittlung sozialer Kompetenzen im digitalen Wandel. Digitale Gesellschaft, 58. Bielefeld: Transcript. 242 p.

Book Contribution

Überwimmer, Margarethe; Frankus, ElisabethORCID:; Casati, Laura; Stack, ShaunaORCID:; Kincl, Tomáš and Závodná, Lucie Sára (2023) The AI Evolution in Marketing and Sales: How Social Design Thinking Techniques Can Boost Long-Term AI Strategies in Companies and Regions. In: Reis, José Luís; Del Rio Araujo, Marisa; Reis, Luís Paulo and Marques dos Santos, José Paulo, (eds.) Marketing and Smart Technologies. Proceedings of ICMarkTech 2022, 1. Smart Innovation, Systems and Technologies, 344. Springer, pp. 17-34. DOI: 10.1007/978-981-99-0333-7_2

Frankus, ElisabethORCID: and Hönigmayer, HelmutORCID: (2022) Engaging Stakeholders by Implementing RRI in the Social Lab Process – A Single Case Study. In: Blok, Vincent, (ed.) Putting Responsible Research and Innovation into Practice. Library of Ethics and Applied Philosophy, 40. Cham: Springer, pp. 193-207. DOI: 10.1007/978-3-031-14710-4_10

Regal, Georg; Uhl, Jakob Carl; Gerhardus, AnnaORCID:; Suette, Stefan; Frankus, ElisabethORCID:; Schmid, Julia; Kriglstein, Simone and Tscheligi, Manfred (2022) Marcus or Mira - Investigating the Perception of Virtual Agent Gender in Virtual Reality Role Play-Training. In: Proceedings of the 28th ACM Symposium on Virtual Reality Software and Technology. New York: Association for Computing Machinery, pp. 1-11. DOI: 10.1145/3562939.3565629

Wicher, MagdalenaORCID: and Frankus, ElisabethORCID: (2021) Gender institutionalised? Implementierung von Gleichstellungs- und Gendermaßnahmen in Forschungstechnologie-Organisationen. In: Wroblewski, AngelaORCID: and Schmidt, Angelika, (eds.) Gleichstellungspolitiken revisted. Springer VS, pp. 177-193. DOI: 10.1007/978-3-658-35846-4_11

Frankus, ElisabethORCID: and Altenhofer, Marlene (2016) Immediate Help for Refugees in Austria - Possibilites and Limitations. In: Doucek, Petr; Chroust, Gerhard and Oškrdal, Václav, (eds.) IDIMT-2016 : information technology, society and economy strategic cross-influences : 24th interdisciplinary information management talks, Sept. 7-9, 2016, Poděbrady, Czech Republic. Schriftenreihe Informatik (45). Linz: Trauner Verlag, pp. 101-106.

Discussion/ Working Paper

Frankus, ElisabethORCID:; Schmid, Julia; Wuketich, Milena; Braun, Hanna; Krischkowsky, Alina; Überwimmer, Margarethe; Fratric, Alexandra; Eljasik-Swoboda, Tobias and Rathgeber, Christian (2021) Künstliche Intelligenz - Transparenz durch katalogbasierte Plattform für Österreich (KITKA). KITKA - White Paper, 7 p.

Research Report

Frankus, ElisabethORCID: and Starkbaum, JohannesORCID: (April 2023) D3: Endbericht PPIE. Begleitforschung PPIE-Umsetzungsprogramm. [Research Report] 41 p.

Frankus, ElisabethORCID:; Hönigmayer, HelmutORCID: and Kuschej, Hermann (2022) Migrantische Ökonomien in Wien. [Research Report] 67 p.

Griessler, ErichORCID:; Hönigmayer, HelmutORCID:; Braun, RobertORCID: and Frankus, ElisabethORCID: (March 2021) New HoRRIzon: D7.3 NewHoRRIzon Social Lab Manual – Final Version. [Research Report] 39 p.

Arrizabalaga, Ezekiela; Bierwirt, Antonia; Braun, RobertORCID:; Cohen, Joshua; Birkving, Astrid Lykke; Bührer, Susanne; Vinther Christensen, Malene; Daimer, Stephanie; Frankus, ElisabethORCID:; Loeber, Anne, et al. (2021) New HoRRIzon: D5.5 Actions and Activities to Realize RRI in Diversity of Approaches. [Research Report] 163 p.

Frankus, ElisabethORCID: (November 2018) auxilium:at Ergebnisbericht. [Research Report] 574 p.

Frankus, ElisabethORCID: (June 2018) Virtuelle Sterbewelten: Auseinandersetzung mit Sterben und Tod im Internet. [Research Report] 12 p.

Wicher, MagdalenaORCID: and Frankus, ElisabethORCID: (June 2018) JERRI - Joining Efforts for Responsible Research and Innovation. Evaluation Report II. Deliverable D8.3. [Research Report] 137 p.

Braun, RobertORCID:; Ravn, Tine; Wicher, MagdalenaORCID:; Brandstätter, Tamara; Hönigmayer, HelmutORCID:; Frankus, ElisabethORCID: and Drivdal, Laura (May 2018) Deliverable report for ENERI. Deliverable 6.1. Summary of empirical programme and preliminary set of indicators for e-database. [Research Report] 97 p.

Braun, RobertORCID:; Frankus, ElisabethORCID:; Schmid, Julia and Griessler, ErichORCID: (2018) Deliverable report for ENERI. Deliverable 1.3. Summary of consensus conferences. [Research Report] 85 p.

Frankus, ElisabethORCID:; Lang, AlexanderORCID: and Wuketich, Milena (August 2017) JERRI – Joining Efforts for Responsible Research and Innovation. Deliverable D8.2. Evaluation report I. [Research Report] 59 p.

Frankus, ElisabethORCID: and Hönigmayer, HelmutORCID: (February 2017) Evaluierung der Akzeptanz von ÖsterreicherInnen hinsichtlich automatisierten Fahrens ; Endbericht. [Research Report] 74 p.

Frankus, ElisabethORCID:; Lang, AlexanderORCID: and Wuketich, Milena (November 2016) JERRI – Joining Efforts for Responsible Research and Innovation. Deliverable D8.1. Monitoring and evaluation concept. [Research Report] 33 p.

Frankus, ElisabethORCID:; Altenhofer, Marlene; Dibiasi, AnnaORCID: and Kulhanek, AndreaORCID: (May 2016) Evaluierung der StEOP der Informatikstudien der TU Wien. [Research Report] 62 p.

Wuketich, Milena; Brandstätter, Tamara; Altenhofer, Marlene and Frankus, ElisabethORCID: (2016) Leistungskatalog österreichischer Unterstützungsformen in der Akutversorgung von Flüchtlingen. Arbeitspaket 2. [Research Report] 339 p.

Conference or Workshop Item

Heimerl, Katharina; Egger, Barbara; Schuchter, Patrick; Lang, AlexanderORCID:; Wegleitner, Klaus; Kaelin, Lukas and Frankus, ElisabethORCID: (2018) Dying worlds – the perspective of patients and relatives on good dying. In: 10th World Research Congress of the European Association for Palliative Care, 24–26 May 2018, Bern.

Blog Post

Braun, RobertORCID:; Frankus, ElisabethORCID: and Stack, ShaunaORCID: (2023) ChatGPT – Curse or blessing? In: IHS Blog, 27 February 2023 [Blog Post]

Frankus, ElisabethORCID: (2022) KI-Einsatz in KMUs und Startups. In: IHS Blog, 3 March 2022 [Blog Post]

Frankus, ElisabethORCID:; Koenig, ThomasORCID: and Torggler, ElisabetORCID: (2020) Wissenschaft, öffne dich! In: IHS Blog, 14 October 2020 [Blog Post]


Wicher, MagdalenaORCID: and Frankus, ElisabethORCID: (2018) JERRI - Joining Efforts for Responsible Research and Innovation. Evaluation Report II. Deliverable D8.3. Dataset Workshop Feedback. [Dataset]

Frankus, ElisabethORCID:; Lang, AlexanderORCID: and Wuketich, Milena (2017) JERRI – Joining Efforts for Responsible Research and Innovation. Deliverable D8.2. Evaluation Report I. Dataset Workshop Feeback. [Dataset]

Image, Audio or Video

Leitner, AndreaORCID:; Hartner-Tiefenthaler, Martina; Spitzer, FlorianORCID: and Frankus, ElisabethORCID: (2023) Podcast: Homeoffice – Fortschritt oder Falle? [Image, Audio or Video]

Frankus, ElisabethORCID: and Leitner, AndreaORCID: (2022) Smart Working & Homeoffice: Risiken und Chancen zur Karriereförderung von Frauen. [Image, Audio or Video]

Frankus, ElisabethORCID: (2022) 4 Fragen an... Elisabeth Frankus. Thema: Wie in Kinderunis Wissenschaft vermittelt wird. [Image, Audio or Video]

Frankus, ElisabethORCID: (2022) Wie beeinflussen ko-kreative Forschung und neue Technologien unsere Zukunft? [Image, Audio or Video]

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