applied aggregate consumption theory

Jaeger, Albert and Neusser, Klaus, eds. (October 1988) applied aggregate consumption theory. Former Series > Workshop Proceedings 2


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from the table of contents: chapter 1 kugler, peter: intertemporal substitution in consumption - results from euler-equations under different stochastic specifications. chapter 2 neusser, klaus: consumption and changing income uncertainty - a first empirical investigation for austria. chapter 3 winder, carlo c.a.: rational habits in the life cycle consumption function. chapter 4 thury, gerhard: dynamic specification of consumer expenditure on nondurables and services in austria. chapter 5 flaig, gebhard: disposable income, government deficit, and private consumption. some evidence for the west-german economy. chapter 6 jaeger, albert: long run private consumption behavior and ricardian equivalence.;

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