produktionsfunktionen der oesterreichischen industrie

Rainer, Anton (February 1975) produktionsfunktionen der oesterreichischen industrie. Former Series > Forschungsberichte / Research Memoranda 88


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summary: the aim of this research memorandum is to investigate if the conventional theory of production is an adequate approach for studying the austrian manufacturing industry. the study consists of two parts. the first one is a short theoretical review of the concept, the different kinds and properties of production functions. the second part shows the results of the empirical time series estimates of production functions for the austrian manufacturing industry. two different data sets were available: one for actual net production and one for full capacity output (= actual production divided by degree of capacity utilization). according to this, different arguments are used. the actual production is explained by flows - namely by energy usage (as indicator of capital usage) and real personal expenditure (as labour indicator). the arguments in the capacity production function are the capital stock and number of employees. the production functions (linear, cobb-douglas, ces, ves) havebeen estimated for 20 branches, 7 aggregates (composed of these branches) and for the manufacturing industry as a whole. the results are given aggregatewise including a diagram showing the fit of the estimated functions, a short description of the aggregate and its branches and a comparison of the feasible functions.;

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