a study in interregional structural analysis

Böhm, Bernhard; Haslinger, Franz and Luptacik, Mikulas (December 1979) a study in interregional structural analysis. Former Series > Forschungsberichte / Research Memoranda 79


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abstract (introduction): the following study is intended to discuss several aspects of an interregional structural model in order to find a theoretical base for empirical studies in this field. for exposition purposes we start in chapter 2 the discussion of a very complex model based on multiregional input-output approach. the advantage of this procedure lies (a) in the deep insights we can get into both the structure in interregional trade network and the intraregional structure of particular countries and (b) in the fact that we are able to subsume some of the existing models e.g. cmea (9) etc. as a special case of our model resulting from various aggregation procedures and some additional assumptions. empirical applications of such a model require very detailed data , which are at present not available. nevertheless, this model remains our theoretical base for further analysis. the next chapter is devoted to the analysis of the dual model. here we show also some results which could be found by sensitivity analysis . the obvious complex level of the model is a major obstacle to use it for practical purposes. therefore in the next chapter we move towards a more realistic model. as a special problem we consider finally the influences on export and import determination in the context of our model.;

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