Space-Time Sociology

Schmeikal, Bernd (January 1993) Space-Time Sociology. Former Series > Forschungsberichte / Research Memoranda 313


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Abstract: Those are two contributions to spacetime sociology. The first is on space and the second on time. Both are part of a more comprehensive work which has been based on an extended epistemology of concepts. As soon as you investigate into the origins of culture, you come upon the survival formulas of our paleolithic ancestors. Among those symbols there is a concept of orientation that can be followed forward until in our times or the times of Descartes respectively. This concept, in its exact mathematical form, possesses a symmetry which is isomorphic with the symmetry of classical logic or what Boole denoted the laws of thought. The second contribution is on time and is similar to the first, but develops the idea by beginning at theother end of history, that is, it is begun in the present state of the art which is connected with nonlinearity and self-organizing systems. It is shown by the aid of a rather general scenario of a two-dimensional Feigenbaum attractor how an exact concept of linear time can be drived as an internal system parameter from the exchange of stability in such a chaotic system of population dynamics.;

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