Modelling Intertemporal General Equilibrium: Appendix

Keuschnigg, Christian and Kohler, Wilhelm (July 1992) Modelling Intertemporal General Equilibrium: Appendix. Former Series > Forschungsberichte / Research Memoranda 304


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Abstract: This extended appendix refers to our paper "Modelling Intertemporal General Equilibrium: An Application to Austrian Commercial Policy". We present a detailed analysis of the household sector consisting of overlapping generations with lifetime uncertainty. Furthermore, we prove Walras' Law and discuss the computation of stationary solutions of the computable equilibrium model. We report on the adjustments to the raw data of the Austrian economy which are necessary to yield a microconsistent data base suitable for calibration of an intertemporal equilibrium model. This appendix also includes additional calibration results and documents data as well as parameter values not reported in the main text. Finally, we provide a list of variable definitions to facilitate the reading of the model.;

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