die zeitliche dynamik des bildungswesens und widersprueche in der bildungspolitik

Lassnigg, Lorenz (May 1985) die zeitliche dynamik des bildungswesens und widersprueche in der bildungspolitik. Former Series > Forschungsberichte / Research Memoranda 214


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abstract: the starting point for this investigation is an analysis of the structural breaks and u-turns which can be observed in the general direction of the austrian educational policy since the end of world war ii. these issues have been analysed by contrasting the development in the sphere of the political debates and conflicts about education with the actual changes in the educational system itself. this comparison shows, that demand-oriented educational policy planning and policy have to account for an in-build dynamics in the educational system which in turn makes consistent planning almost an impossibility. secondly it can be outlined that due to these institutional constraints any feedbacks between effective demand for qualifications and the choices of young people in their educational careers do not function properly.;

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