The Radical Right in Europe, Between Slogans and Voting Behavior

Conti, Nicolò (July 2011) The Radical Right in Europe, Between Slogans and Voting Behavior. Former Series > Working Paper Series > IHS Political Science Series 123


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Abstract: The paper analyzes the radical right's attitudes toward the EU focusing in particular on the level of congruence between the programmatic statements of the central office and the voting behavior of their MEPs. It shows that although radical right parties represent a source of opposition to the EU, within the EP they express their dissent making use of the rules of the game, voting with the opposition more than the other forces do, but voting almost as much with the majority. The partypublic office in the EP is inserted in the legislative process and even more collusive with the other parties of both sides of the political spectrum than the Eurosceptical rhetoric and statements of central office makes the public believe.;

Item Type: IHS Series
Keywords: 'Radical right parties' 'Attitudes' 'EU' 'Euromanifestos' 'MEPs'
Date Deposited: 26 Sep 2014 10:39
Last Modified: 26 Sep 2019 16:37
ISBN: 1605-8003

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