the ias-system data base: a portable application of the b-tree: (final report)

Sonnberger, Harald; Rodler, Kurt; Plasser, Klaus and Philipp, Wilfried (November 1982) the ias-system data base: a portable application of the b-tree: (final report). Former Series > Forschungsberichte / Research Memoranda 179


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abstract: this paper is the final report of the first project year to the austrian science foundation who has supported this project by grant no. 4012. according to the draft from march 18, 1981 the main topics of this year were the solution of problems in connection with the production of a portable software for econometrics and corporate planning, i.e. the os-file handling and character set representation, syntax analysis, data management and data handling. concerning the portability problemsit can be stated that recent efforts resulted in an implementation of the basis system on a siemens computer at gmd (gesellschaft fuer mathematik und datenverarbeitung) in bonn and on a cdc computer at tu (technical university) in wien. the modifiedsyntax analysis for the ias-system level 3 will be presented independently in a forthcoming paper. this final report reviews the data base module as it has been designed and implemented during the last year. special emphasis has been devoted to the logical and physical realization of the data base together with implementation details. in the appendix the logical structure of the programs concerning the retrieval and printing of time series is given as an example, to document the programming style and programming conventions as described in the interim report. additionally the semiportable routines and the conversion routines are listed documenting the efforts and the solutions to various portability problems which resulted in a program package which is portable to 99 percent. as this paper demonstrates the concrete solution to a given problem within the context of software engineering it should be of special interest for programmers and implementers of similar large software systems. together with the syntax analysis, the utility functions and some twelve commands the currently available software forms the basis of the ias-system level 3 which is currently being tested thoroughly by the project team. the directions of the next year go mainly to the implementation of application routines for estimation, testing, simulation, forecasting and report generation. at the end of this second project year a portable and flexible ias-system which is improved considerably with respect to level 2 should be at hand.;

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