die rolle von normen, bezugsgruppen und sanktionen bei ladendiebstaehlen

Diekmann, Andreas (July 1980) die rolle von normen, bezugsgruppen und sanktionen bei ladendiebstaehlen. Former Series > Forschungsberichte / Research Memoranda 156


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summary: in this paper some hypotheses on an inverse relationship between favourite attitudes against the law, sanction expectations and deviant behavior are tested on shoplifting data. the data are collected through written interviews of 245 university students and students visiting a vocational school. the multivariate analysis shows that there are very weak effects of subjective sanction fear on the number of delinquent acts. in accordance with the more complex "interaction-hypotheses" stronger sanction effects are expected in groups not loyal to the law than in groups with loyal attitudes. although the data conform the hypothesis, the absolute magnitude of the sanction effect is quite low even in the "unloyal" group. the important roleof the reference groups is stressed by the large contribution of the factor "attitudes and deviant behavior of friends" in explaining shoplifting.;

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