Bildungspolitik zwischen Ökonomisierung und öffentlichem Gut?: Fakten, Widersprüche, Kontroversen

Lassnigg, Lorenz (December 2003) Bildungspolitik zwischen Ökonomisierung und öffentlichem Gut?: Fakten, Widersprüche, Kontroversen. Former Series > Working Paper Series > IHS Sociological Series 61


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Abstract: First the difference between a theoretical economic perspective and the neoliberal political ideology is dicussed. Secondly, the European approach of efficient allocation of resources is described. Thirdly, the Austrian position on some important indicators is compared to the EU. The Austrian expenditure is particularly above the OECD average at the postsecondary and the lower secondary levels, information about private expenditure remains poor. Few results are available about the gains from the investment; comparative studies show consistent positive effects on growth, which does not apply to all countries. The analysis of the EU structural indicators obtains a favourable picture. Austria ranks especially positive with the earlyschool leavers, the educational attainment of the population and the youth labour market. Less favourable are some indicators about science and technology education.; To improve longterm resource planning some topics are proposed for further discussion: the linkage to innovation policy, the public contribution to lifelong learning, the basic competences, and the unequal access to higher education.;

Item Type: IHS Series
Keywords: 'Bildungsökonomie' 'Bildungspolitik' 'Neoliberalismus' 'Vergleichende Analyse' 'Bildungsinvestition' 'Strukturindikatoren' 'Wirkungsanalyse' 'Österreich' 'Europäische Union' 'Economics of education' 'Education policy' 'Neoliberalismus' 'Comparative analysis' 'Educational investment' 'Structural indicators' 'Impact analysis' 'Austria' 'European Union'
Date Deposited: 26 Sep 2014 10:37
Last Modified: 27 Sep 2019 06:30
ISBN: 1605-8011

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