Globalization: It's about Time too!

Jessop, Bob (January 2003) Globalization: It's about Time too! Former Series > Working Paper Series > IHS Political Science Series 85


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Abstract: Globalization here is understood to be a multicentric, multiscalar, multitemporal, multiform, and multicausal process, which has much less of an explanans and more of an explanandum. In recent analysis globalization has been found to be about place , space, and scale. Yet, following its title, this paper argues that it is about time too. In other words, globalization is also a spatio-temporal process. The nature of this process, its relation with the development of capitalist economiesand the role of the state, are at the core of this paper.;

Item Type: IHS Series
Keywords: 'Globalisierung' 'Zeit, Raum' 'Gegenwärtiger Kapitalismus' 'Rolle des Staates' 'Globalization' 'Time, Space' 'Contemporary Capitalism' 'Role of the State'
Date Deposited: 26 Sep 2014 10:37
Last Modified: 27 Sep 2019 06:16
ISBN: 1605-8003

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