Governance: A Garbage Can Perspective

Peters, B. Guy (December 2002) Governance: A Garbage Can Perspective. Former Series > Working Paper Series > IHS Political Science Series 84


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Abstract: As I worked through the revisions of this paper I realized that I was to a great extent returning to the dominant themes from one of the first books I ever published. This was Can Government Go Bankrupt?, written with Richard Rose and published in 1978. That book and this paper both deal with the authority of governments and their capacity to govern. Dror (2001) provides a very detailed analysis of governance capacity, but much of that analysis will actually come down to the presence of legitimacy for the governing system, and the capacity to use steering instruments effectively to reach desired collective goals. The issues to be raised in this paper are concentrated primarily on governance questions at the level of central governments and multi-level interactions, rather than of the international system, but much of the same logic of sovereignty/authority is in operation.;

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Keywords: 'Governance' 'Staatskapazitäten' 'Governance Kapazitäten' 'Garbage Can Modell' 'State Capacity' 'Governance Capacity' 'Garbage Can Model'
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