Ein Maß für Demokratie: Europäische Demokratien im Vergleich

Abromeit, Heidrun (May 2001) Ein Maß für Demokratie: Europäische Demokratien im Vergleich. Former Series > Working Paper Series > IHS Political Science Series 76


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Abstract: Can you measure democracy? Based on previous attempts to operationalise the term "democracy" in such a way that it can be used as a measuring instrument (especially on David Beetham's indicator-system which forms the basis for his "democratic audit"), a concept will be presented that does not (mis-)understand democracy from the outset as a specific set of institutions but (1) connects democracy firmly to the self-determination of individuals and (2) puts the political institutions in relation to the respective societal structure. Several political systems are then measured by applying this "measure for democracy:" the "motherland of democracy" Great Britain, the "half-direct" democracy of Switzerland and the still evolving political system of the European Union. The following points will be up for examination: - the centres of decision-making and the main actors (inter alia with respect to the question: who takes the final decision?) - the societal structure - the "opportunity structures"; i.e.: where do the "people" come in?;

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ISBN: 1605-8003
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