Jean Monnet - Mensch und Methode: Überschätzt und überholt?

Wessels, Wolfgang (May 2001) Jean Monnet - Mensch und Methode: Überschätzt und überholt? Former Series > Working Paper Series > IHS Political Science Series 74


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Abstract: Jean Monnet's work and impact are omnipresent in Community circles: there are hardly any memoirs of leading post-world-war politicians of the post-world-war period that do not describe encounters with Jean Monnet, hardly any political speeches that do not discuss his method. But does his significance go beyond a historical figure that set the stage for new developments? Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Wessels focuses on the so-called Monnet method and analyses its main strategic aspects. He not only presents the main elements of the method, but also emphasises its relevance for strategic reflections on future integration, especially after Nice.;

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