modelle sozialer distanz: eine methodenstudie zur analyse subjektiver schichtung

Dimitz, Erich (October 1978) modelle sozialer distanz: eine methodenstudie zur analyse subjektiver schichtung. Former Series > Forschungsberichte / Research Memoranda 133


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summary: the investigation of interaction and the mutual perception between social groups needs special analytical methods, which permit the aspects of special interest to be isolated and a measurement model of the observed reactions to be formulated. with the help of probabilistic models (especially by means of generalizations of the logistic model of rasch) it is possible to verify important hypotheses about the reciprocal dependences of different reflection: levels in the mutual reflection between occupational groups. an investigation into the desire for contact among the people in a small german town served as the source for data material for this method study. above all the effectiveness of a general order of resting in the subjectivestratification is shown, systematic deviations from it show the influence of other factors, in which components of experience and the reflexion of the own status are represented.;

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