Reconstructions of Science

Schmeikal, Bernd (November 1998) Reconstructions of Science. Former Series > Working Paper Series > IHS Sociological Series 33


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Abstract: In four reconstructions it is attempted to lead the natural and social science debate of the basis concepts of space and time in common. For this we need a new mode of science discourse which has already been initiated in Alfred North Whitehead's philosophy of nature. In social science we reconsider the basis themes of social phenomenology, structuralism and interactionism as far as those contribute to a space-time topic. Investigations of prehistorians, egyptologists and ethno-mathematicians are of importance where we demonstrate that our concepts of space and time represent cultural institutions of meaning which on their part constitute society and require that we constantly reconstruct them. The fourth reconstruction deals with the space-time of postmodern theoretical physics and is founded on the integrative instrument of the theory of geometric Clifford algebras. We show that and how the inner symmetrics of matter are connected with the outer symmetries of space-time and that Gell-Mann's metaphor of the "eightfold path" that he used to denote part of the standard model of physics cannot be interpreted as quirk, in opposition to his own intention. The factor (D4)m in the Dirac group of any geometric Clifford AlgebraClp,q represents a ground template (or archetypal structure) for both orientation and logic and corresponds therefore with an interface between matter and mind.;

Item Type: IHS Series
Keywords: 'Raum' 'Zeit' 'Zeit-Umkehr' 'Orientierung' 'Clifford Algebra' 'Dirac Gleichung' 'Standardmodell' 'Phänomenologie' 'Bioenergetik' 'Ethnomathematik' 'Strukturalismus' 'Space' 'Time' 'Time-Reversal' 'Orientation' 'Clifford Algebra' 'Dirac Equation' 'Standard Model' 'Phenomenology' 'Bioenergetics' 'Ethnomathematics' 'Structuralism'
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