Some Domestic and International Factors Shaping Polish Response to Transmigration and 'Immigration', 1989-1997

Milosinski, Cezary (June 1998) Some Domestic and International Factors Shaping Polish Response to Transmigration and 'Immigration', 1989-1997. Former Series > Working Paper Series > IHS Sociological Series 29


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Abstract: Before 1989, regime-imposed limitations of movement throughout eastern Europe meant that Poland had no need for a sophisticated immigration policy. Subsequently millions of foreigners have been entering and passing through Polish territory, making Poland an integral part of world, and particularly European population movements. This paper explores the development of Polish post-communist policy towards immigration and transmigration.Immigration and transmigration in post-communist Poland are issues that have played important roles in Polish foreign policy and are 'growth issues' in terms of complications for Polish society and government. Until recently these subjects have received very little attention in the media and academic literature. This paper narrates Polish developments in immigration policy and analyses the international and domestic pressures - including public and elite opinion - which influenced Polish responses to a new social phenomenon. The purpose of the paper is to explain international and domestic pressures that were considered by the Polish authorities in choosing their response to immigration. The paper also argues that only by analysing the subjectivities of Polish popular political culture and Polish elite culture, including their perception of the state of the international situation in an ever globalising Europe/world, can Polish responses to immigration be understood.;

Item Type: IHS Series
Keywords: 'Polen' 'Immigration/Transmigration/Flüchtlinge' 'Gesellschaft' 'Außenpolitik' 'Poland' 'Immigration/Transmigration/Refugess' 'Society' 'Foreign Policy'
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