Globalisierung, Konzernstrukturen und Konvergenz der Arbeitsorganisation

Flecker, Jörg and Schienstock, Gerd (June 1993) Globalisierung, Konzernstrukturen und Konvergenz der Arbeitsorganisation. Former Series > Forschungsberichte / Research Memoranda 325


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Abstract: In analysing work organization and deployment of labour it is becoming increasingly important to look at forms of governance of economic activities beyond plant level. In this context economic globalization and structures of transnational companies are crucial issues. Organizational and market networks replace the centralized corporation. However, the importance of headquarters is not vanishing. Therefore emerging organizational structures have to be analysed by means of both following dimensions: differentiation and integration as well as control. Within transnational companies various processes bring about standardization of work organization and deployment of labour in different national and cultural contexts. However, convergence of work organization does not imply the development of one global best practice. Rather, new methods originating from various national contexts keep emerging and spreading across boundaries at an increasingly fast pace.;

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