Auswirkung von absatzpolitischen Maßnahmen auf den Sortimentsverbund

Lukanowicz, Martin and Buchta, Christian (April 1992) Auswirkung von absatzpolitischen Maßnahmen auf den Sortimentsverbund. Former Series > Forschungsberichte / Research Memoranda 296


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Abstract: In this paper we incorporate promotional effects in a probabilistic model of assortment interdependencies ---a multivariate logit model--- by introducing promotion-specific dummy variables. So we are able to relate POS scanner data to promotional activities. In the first part of this paper we introduce the basic and extended measurement models and give a brief account of a heuristic model selection process. In part two we discuss empirical findings about the impacts of feature advertising on assortment interdipendencies as revealed by the suggested model. For easier interpretation of results we make use of a multidimensional scaling technique which was adapted to produce a correct representation of interdependencies.;

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