Grandmothers’ Labor Supply

Frimmel, Wolfgang; Halla, Martin; Schmidpeter, Bernhard and Winter-Ebmer, RudolfORCID: (2022) Grandmothers’ Labor Supply. Journal of Human Resources, 57, 0419-10144R1.

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We use high-quality administrative data from Austria to estimate the effect of grandmotherhood on the labor supply decision of older workers. Assuming that grandmothers cannot predict the exact date of conception of their grandchild, we identify the effect of thefirst grandchild on employment. Our Timing-of-Events approach shows that a first grandchild increases the probability of leaving the labor market by 9 percent. This effect is stronger when informal childcare is more valuable, and when grandmothers live close to the grandchild. To assess the effect of an additional grandchild, we also use twin-births among the first grandchild as instruments.

Item Type: Article in Academic Journal
Funders: Christian Doppler Society (Vienna), SRC Research Centre on Micro-social Change at the Institute for Social and Economic Research, Essex
Classification Codes (e.g. JEL): J13, J14, J22
Research Units: European Governance, Public Finance and Labor Markets
Date Deposited: 11 Mar 2021 14:34
Last Modified: 20 Mar 2023 13:45
DOI: 10.3368/jhr.58.1.0419-10144R1
ISSN: 0022-166X

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