Which democratic principles? What deficit?

Pollak, Johannes and Fossum, John Erik (2015) Which democratic principles? What deficit? In: Piattoni, Simona, (ed.) The European Union: Democratic Principles and Institutional Architectures in Times of Crisis. Oxford University Press., pp. 29-45. DOI: 10.1093/acprof:oso/9780198716273.003.0002

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PART I - Introduction
1: Simona Piattoni: The European Union: Legitimating Values, Democratic Principles and Institutional Architectures
PART II - Democratic Principles
2: John Erik Fossum and Johannes Pollak: Which Democratic Principles for the European Union? What Deficit?
3: Hans Agné: Popular Power in the European Union: Delegated or Alienated?
4: Ben Crum and Deirdre Curtin: The Challenge of Making European Union Executive Power Accountable
5: Stijn Smismans: Democratic Participation and the Search for a European Union Institutional Architecture that Accommodates Interests and Expertise
6: Sandra Kröger: Democratic Representation as the Normative and Organizing Principle of the European Union
PART III - Institutional Architectures
7: Kalypso Nicolaidis: Demoicratic Theory and Europe's Institutional Architecture in Times of Crisis
8: Michael Burgess: Federal Imperatives in the Institutional Evolution of the European Union
9: Sergio Fabbrini: Alternative Views: Which Institutional Architecture for a Political Union?
10: Arthur Benz: Multilevel Governance in the European Union: Loosely-Coupled Arenas of Representation, Participation and Accountability
11: Jürgen Neyer: Empowering the Sovereign: National Parliaments in European Union Monetary and Financial Policy
PART IV - Conclusion
12: Simona Piattoni: European Union Institutional Architectures: Structural Tensions, Dynamic Forces and the Advantages of Hapticity

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Keywords: European Union, European integration, demography, institutional change, political theory,
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DOI: 10.1093/acprof:oso/9780198716273.003.0002
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