Anti-Europe Political Parties: Will they Conquer the EU?

Caiani, Manuela (May 2014) Anti-Europe Political Parties: Will they Conquer the EU? Former Series > IHS Standpunkt – Position 22, 5 p.


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The Radical right appears to be on the rise all over Europe, and the approaching European elections are likely to provide – the current IHS Standpunkt argues - a useful opportunity for radical parties and organizations to have their voices heard and their institutional power increased. They are likely to increase their agenda setting capacity (with an exclusivist and nationalistic political discourse on many delicate issues, such as immigration, social policies, in time of crisis), also influencing mainstream moderate right wing and progressive parties. Despite the fact that these organizations do not really cooperate-yet- and are even in competition with each other, the European arena and institutions can be used by right wing radical groups to build contacts with other extremists groups, spread their ideology, and encourage mobilization, creating a new cleavage around which they can aggregate.

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