einkommensunterschiede zwischen frauen und maennern: teil a

Diekmann, Andreas (March 1985) einkommensunterschiede zwischen frauen und maennern: teil a. Former Series > Forschungsberichte / Research Memoranda 212


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abstract: sociological and economic theories of income and discrimination point to a variety of causes for the existence of sex-specific income differentials. this study starts with a survey of the different theories. in part a of the empirical study an answer is given to the question how much of the difference in income between the sexes can be explained by differences in education, experience or workingtime. the data analysis in this study is based on german surveys using the human capital model. moreover, consequences of the expansion of education are explored, and a test of becker's employer-discrimination model is carried out. part b deals with effects of the family, job-segregation, social networks and the sex-specific distribution over segmented labor markets.;

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