fallstudie ueber die interaktionen in einer diskussionsgruppe von fuenf personen

Rieser, Herbert (June 1968) fallstudie ueber die interaktionen in einer diskussionsgruppe von fuenf personen. Closed Series > Forschungsberichte / Research Memoranda 15


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summary: this is a descriptive study of four discussion sessions carried out by five young people using the methods of group dynamics analysis introduced by bales and his followers in the 1950's. the data are verbal utterances addressed by the discussants to each other, characterized as to origin, destination, frequency and certain content categories. each discussant is characterized by a profile of personality variables (obtained by tests) and a profile of behavioral variables obtained from the discussion protocols. these profiles are then factoranalyzed to yield condensed personality profiles (in terms of factor scores) and a clearer picture of the discussion dynamics in terms of the roles (e.g. leader-follower) assumed by the participants and interactions between these roles. the methods used are standard and the results in general conform to those obtained in previous studies.;

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