einsatzmoeglichkeiten der edv in den oesterreichischen krankenanstalten

Dimitz, Erich (October 1979) einsatzmoeglichkeiten der edv in den oesterreichischen krankenanstalten. Former Series > Forschungsberichte / Research Memoranda 146


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abstract: easy access to public facilities of health care but also superannuation of population and relief of families from their nursing functions has given rise to financial as well as personnel overburdening of the hospitals. many of the new problems arising cannot be solved in traditional ways, but require a new overthinking of the grown structures, that set limits for all improvements by their slow flow of information. as an introduction some new assessments in the field of hospital rationalization are presented and compared according to their foreseeable consequences. in the general part one special way is shown with its possibilities of application and structure of work, namely electronic data management. in this connection the problems of change to computerization are shown in detail. a next chapter presents the development in austria in this field and it is tried by means of current literature to scetch a comprehensive picture. to complete this description but also to includethe overall state of experience a questionare concerning completed and planned projects concerning computerisation has been sent to the austrian hospitals and results are shown in the succeeding part. to make it possible to estimate the impact of various reforming strategies on the total hospital system, a gpss-simulation model was set up. the results for various scenarios are compared and discussed. they make clear, that all improvements can only have an effect, if nursery staff is unburdened by the same time. the study is a report of the situation in austria and shall provide a working aid for physicians interested as well as for persons working on planning information structures in this field. the concluding collection of literature canhelp for the same purpose.;

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