konjunkturelle entwicklung und struktureller wandel der oesterreichischen wirtschaft in der zwischenkriegszeit

Stiefel, Dieter (November 1978) konjunkturelle entwicklung und struktureller wandel der oesterreichischen wirtschaft in der zwischenkriegszeit. Closed Series > Forschungsberichte / Research Memoranda 135


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summary: this paper offers an empirical study of the economic development in austria from 1918 to 1938. making use of monthly data for the whole period it has been possible to achieve a very detailed and exact analysis. moreover, it has been my effort to draw a lively picture of economic views and hopes of that time by making use of contemporary newspaper comments and political statements. up to the present the traditional view of the austrian economic development 1918-1938 has been too much determined by the worldwide economic trend or by the situation in germany. thus the specific economic trend in austria has been paid too little attention to. the focus of my interest has been to find a better description of the courses of business cycle in the time under discussion. structural conditions and change have also been taken into consideration. the following phases can be distinguished: 1918: a new economic structure; 1919: the post-war crises; 1920 - 1922: the period of inflation; 1923- 1924: the crises of stabilisation; 1925 - 1929: the period of adaptation; 1929 - 1933: the great depression; 1934 - 1938: stagnation and armament boom. this study is meant to be a new and more exact presentation of economic development and business cycle in austria in the time between the two wars and is intended to have value for further investigations of economic, historical, political or sociological nature.;

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