Analysis and Econometric Modelling of the Monetary Sector in the Slovak Republic

Olexa, Michal (December 1998) Analysis and Econometric Modelling of the Monetary Sector in the Slovak Republic. Former Series > Reihe Transformationsökonomie / Transition Economics Series 1


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Abstract: Despite the fact that the macro-economic modelling of the econometric type has almost a 30-years tradition in the Slovak Republic, the econometric modelling of the more detailed money structure has no history at all. The significance of the problem with time series is held by the fact that no data on the state money targeting, managing and controlling before 1993 were available in such a way that would be compatible with 1993 data and thus would allow to extend the particular time series by several time periods before 1993. The first part of the paper contains a short analysis of selected monetary indicators during the last five years. The second part deals with the monetary submodel which consists of five regression equations (money M2, interest rates from credits and deposits, credits to households and enterprises, foreign direct investment) and nine identities. This submodel is planned to create a monetary block in the quarterly econometric model of the Slovak economy.;

Item Type: IHS Series
Keywords: 'Money' 'Interest Rates' 'Monetary Policy' 'Regression Equations' 'Econometric Model'
Classification Codes (e.g. JEL): C32, C35, C51, E51
Date Deposited: 26 Sep 2014 10:36
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