Compounded Representation in the EU: No Country for Old Parliaments

Pollak, Johannes (2014) Compounded Representation in the EU: No Country for Old Parliaments. In: Kröger, Sandra, (ed.) Political Representation in the European Union: Still Democratic in Times of Crisis? Routledge, pp. 37-69.

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Abstract or Table of Contents

The search for democratic representation in times of crisis 5
Sandra Kröger

Part I: Electoral forms of representation and the democratic crisis of the EU

Compounded Representation in the EU: no country for old parliaments? 37
Johannes Pollak

Party strategies towards interest groups in a Europeanized Europe 70
Anne Rasmussen and Gert-Jan Lindeboom

The Structure of EU-representation and the Crisis 105
John Erik Fossum

Representation in the Councils of the EU 140
Daniel Naurin

The Committee of the Regions as representative assembly: mission impossible or miracle in the making? 176
Simona Piattoni

Part II: Non-electoral forms of representation in multi-level representation in times of crisis

Representation and network governance in Europe 216
Martino Maggetti

The European Commission and political representation: A new inter-institutional perspective 250
Nieves Pérez-Solórzano Borragán and Stijn Smismans

The involvement of the constituencies of European umbrella organizations in EU affairs 287
Sandra Kröger

Democratic representation in transnational citizens’ forums? 324
Dawid Friedrich

Mediated representative politics: the Euro-crisis and the politicization of the EU 366
Hans-Jörg Trenz

Who is the Guardian for Constitutionalism in Europe after the Financial Crisis? 400
Michelle Everson and Christian Joerges

Part III: Concluding essays

Representation as the Cornerstone for Efficient and Legitimate Governance 429
Beate Kohler-Koch

Concluding Notes: Rethinking Political Representation in a Supranational Context 472
Dario Castiglione

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